What should you expect?

A guide to your goals.

A common problem is that people tend to follow external factors or their own thoughts. Those external factors and thoughts start taking control of your life. The danger consists in not being able to see the forest for the trees, going straight into a burn-out, not being able to set priorities, panic and ending on a downward spiral.  


You start getting feelings of hate, anger, fear and jealousy. Those feelings determine the further evolution of your life. Your environment feels something is going on. To avoid discussions, your friends tend to say you're right even thought you're talking bad about someone else. 

Your coach helps you to get out of the vicious circle. He isn't going to impose what you need to do, neither give you rules to follow. He is also not going to force you to give up on nice things. What a Mental Coach does do:


* Lining up your feelings, questions, problems, expectations ...

* Helping to align everything

* Helping to determine priorities and your objectives

*Guiding you based on your own strengths and motives. Weaknesses can also turn into an asset. He will use your own energy. 

A coach is always standing beside you. He will do everything to help you achieve your objectives.

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