How can a coach help you?

Relational questions:

  • My partner lets me down. How should I cope with it?

  • Someone is stalking me. How can I stop it?

  • My kids are unmanageable. How can I fix this?

  • My partner is aggressive. What can I do ?

  • I can't cope with my divorce. How can I deal with it?

  • My partner betrayed me. What now?

  • How can I guide my children during a divorce?

  • ...

Professional questions:

  • My career is stucked. What should I do?

  • My colleagues are bullying me. How to stop it?

  • I'm a coach/teamleader/boss and I find it difficult to transfer guidelines. How should I do this?

  • I'm a seller and I don't succeed to make good deals. How should I do it? 

  • I'm a manager and find it hard to make a decision. Hoe should I handle it? 

  • My team doesn't work well anymore and isn't motivated. What should I do? 

  • ...


In Company Coaching

  • For companies wishing to use these services, we offer special programs. For these programs, I refer to the website of B@O Coaching Institute.

  • How can I appear well to my teammembers? 

  • How can I handle disciplinary problems? 

  • How do I tell bad news? 

  • How can I develop a teamspirit? 

  • How can I cope with stress? 

  • How can I motivate my salesteam?

  • How can I understand myself and adapt to the environment? 

  • How can I cope with emotions? 

  • How should I manage changes? 

  • ...

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