By using coaching by phone, you can enjoy all the benefits you have in a 'face-to-face' coaching session, without moving somewhere else. 

After a 'face-to-face' coaching session you can use 'coaching by phone', which is not compulsory. 'Coaching by phone' can in turn also be a step towards a 'face-to-face' coaching.

Are you scared of taking the step towards a Life Coach? Phone can facilitate this. For this reason, I offer a first 'free' coaching session of 1 hour for everyone who registered in this website. After the registration, you'll receive an automatic mail for our first appointment. 


Important and unique is that our conversations are done by phone. You don't need to move, which is timesaving.

I only consult in the evening and during weekends. So, you don't need to ask permission or a day off at work.

If you prefer more personal contact, we can also use Skype. I can also move to your house or a to location you choose. (For more than 10 km from Asse, a compensation need to be paid for the distance in km)

It's really easy: 

  • We decide about a day and the time

  • I confirm the appointment by mail

  • Settle payment according to agreements

  • I call you on the day and time we decided

1. During the intake session (+/- 30 minutes), we learn to know each other and you explain your questions and problems. Depending on your worries, we'll plan a specific approach. We define clear goals. Identifying clear goals is not easy. I'll help you. Good goals are measurable and clear. If we both agree about the method and approach, we fix another appointment.

2. During the first coaching session (from now on, always 1 or 2 hours) we will search for the strengths inside you and your positive aspects you will use to evolve. We will discuss som techniques to achieve fast and efficiently your goals.

3. During the following sessions, I'll guide you to achieve your goals within time. (sessions of 1 hour)

4. If you have any question or something happened between the sessions, you can always call me. During the whole coachingprocess, I stay by your side to support you in the actions you're taking. 

Trust is the base for every coachingsession. If wanted, I can keep everything anonymous. The only things I ask, are your name and your birthdate. You're allowed to give me more information, but it's not a must. If you register on this website, you can enjoy advantages, like discounts and invitations for specific events. 


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