Sailing & incentives - seminars- team building

Taylormade based on your needs as of 45€/participant

Combine sailing on the North sea with: 


  • A presentation about a new product

  • A seminar

  • A clientevent

  • A teambuilding

  • An incentive

  • A reward for topemployees and their partner (typical package 4, see below)

What do we offer?

  • A big parking

  • A room for a seminar 

  • A restaurant or external catering

  • Guidance by facilitators/ coaches

  • Most modern sailboats (choice between 15 boats from 5 to 12 persons)

  • Experienced skippers/coaches

  • Sanitary facilities and showerfacilities

  • Custommade packages based on your needs

  • Opportunity to devide your group into 2 smaller groups. 1 group sails in the morning and participates in the afternoon to a seminar, whereas the other group does the opposite. 

What do we learn/do during the day?

Your client/colleagues learn, besides what you plan yourself (seminars, productpresentations ...) following things: 

  • Briefing about the different aspects of the sailboat (security, behaviour, basicactivities...)

  • taskdistribution on the boat (navigation, sailing, ... (Navigation, Skipping, raise the sails, execute port maneuvers)

  • Working together as a team (important on a sailboat)

  • Giving clear orders (skipper towars team)

  • Everyone has his own task, so that everyone can understand the importance of every function on the boat

  • Accepting challenges and  getting out of the comfortzone

Examples of packages:

Included in all packages:

  • Breakfast or bubbles at the end of the day

  • Experienced skipper

  • Experienced guide/facilitator/coach

  • Access to sanitary facilities (incl. showers) 

Optional, depending on the weather and needs of the client:

  • Renting  sailsuit  (10€/day/person) 

  • Renting seminarrooms and equipment 

Basic package:

  •  1/2 day sailing on our top sailboats

  • exercising basic port maneuvers

  • tour on the North sea

  • competition if there are different boats participating

price: starting from 160 €/person

Package 2:

  • Idem as above

  • Whole day sailing on our top sailboats

  • lunchsnacks en drink on board

price: starting from 180€/person

Package 3:

  • Idem as package 2

  • lunch or dinner in restaurant

price: starting from 210€ /person

Package 4:

  • 2 days sailing

  • overnight stay on the sailboat 

  • welcome breakfast

  • briefing about the habits on a sailboat

  • exercising basic port maneuvers

  • Lunchsnacks on the sailboat

  • Learning the sailstrategies

  • Dinner in a restaurant ashore (in other port than port of departure)

  • Day 2: Breakfast on the boat

  • If there are more boats: competition when going back to the port

  • Lunchsnacks on board

  • Bubbles at arrival 

Price: Starting from 400€ / person

Package 5:

  • Sailboat rental for 10-12 persons

  • 2 hours trip on sea 

    • briefing (+/-15 min)

    • departure from harbor (+/- 20 min)

    • round trip on sea (+/- 1 hour)

    • way back (+/- 20 min)

  • maximum 4 trips per day/boat

  • Welcome and farewell drink & snack

Price: Starting from  45€/person (based on 40 participants - possibility to rent different sailboats)


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