Special programs for companies

Taylor-made and based on your needs. 

In our actual socio-economical context in this changing world, finding a personal balance is not easy. A company going through structural changes, has an impact on the employees. These changes have also an impact on private life, where the effects in turn are felt again at the workplace. Burn-outs and bore-outs are famous topics. 

A structured HR approach is needed. How can a Life Coach help you?

  • In-company Life Coaching

Offer a chance to your employees to guide them on time during 'difficult periods'. The earlier a problem is detected, the faster a problem can be resolved. A personalized 1 to 1 coaching is therefore the solution. This can also take place at an extern location. 

  • In-company Team-Leaders coaching

The time where directive teamleaders took all the decisions unilateral and imposed their idea to their team is gone. Teammembers have got a voice now and enjoy taking initiatives based on their (underestimated) knowledge and experience. 

How can a teamleader or teamcoach handle this? 

A multi-day training program helps teamcoaches with those challenges. The results are that the company will consist of self-managing teams, taking their responsibilities and pulling the company forward by creativity. 

The role of the teamcoach is stimulating creativity, pointing out guidelines to manage the objectives and helping teammembers in taking their own responsibilities. 

  • Off-site coaching

To motivate teammembers, it's recommended to hold the sessions in retreat. We offer the unique opportunity to do this in a challenging environment, on a sailboat. It's a challenge to get out of the comfortzone. Different pathways are possible. Every pathway is custommade. We have boats for 4-12 persons. The boattrip can be done in combination with a session in a meeting room on the main land. We can even hold a competition between boats. For more information:  see specific section on this website or send us an email for an offer without obligation. 

  • Brain storming & facilitation sessies

Are you searching for creative ideas? You want to boost your company? You want to make a plan for next semester/year? 

This could all be done in a relaxed, stimulating framework of a retreat. Either it's just for 1 day or more days... it's all possible.

The framework? A sailboat (or different kinds of sailboats), a meeting room and a nice restaurant is  a cocktail leading to miracles. 

Let all your daily worries go and let you guide by specialists in facilitating. 

  • Let your teams work better and more efficiently together

Interdepartemental cooperation is crucial for a good working company. On a sailboat, you learn to see how important this is. You can take the learnings with you to your workplace. How? 

  • 1 day on a sailboat:

    • First we sail without any further explanation. ​You'll see it is not easy to get the sailboat on the right direction. 

    • In the next step, we explain how you can achieve perfect results by working together

    • As a third step, we learn to consolidate automatisms

    • finally we translate everything to a company-oriented approach

  • 2 days on a sailboat

    • Idem as above, but with a overnight stay on the boat. ​It's indeed a special experience to share a small room with colleagues, which you don't always know. The daily activities on a boat need to be done following the rules. Even though we have big sailboats (until 15m), the space is still limited. Discipline and organisation are crucial, but creativity can't be forgotten. It's also great to get to know each other. 


  • 1 or 2 days with different sailboats

    • This goes a step further. You create a competitive mindset in a relaxed environment. By organizing a mini-competition between boats in the afternoon or on day 2, you will boost the cooperation. 

All this will be translated by the end of the day to a company-oriented approach. 

Create a solid, strong, close and engaged team, who will give everything for your company. 

For an offer (without obligation), please fill in the form below. 

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